Custom Videography Services for Your Business

What is business videography and why do you need it?

 Video advertising is the fastest growing form of marketing in the world. Everyday thousands of new business videos are uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and company websites. Researchers have proven that video content is 10-15 times more engaging than traditional static ads or flyers.

A custom video for your business allows your company to tell its story. What are your services, products, specials and events? How long have you been servicing the local community? What separates you from the competition?

When a potential customer visits your website or Facebook page a professional video that explains exactly what your company does will separate you from the thousands of other faceless online companies. It creates a level of trust between your company and your customer base. Trust leads to new customers and more importantly repeat customers!


  • Work with you or your advertising agency to develop the creative concept or look for your film with a campaign that is in line with your business and marketing objectives.
  • Script develop and storyboard your production.
  • Create a plan that fits your budget and maximizes production value.
  • Plan and project manage your production from start to finish from sourcing crew and actors, to locations and voice over professionals.
  • Provide the full range of post-production services from video editing, color grading and sound mixing and mastering for broadcast.
  • Provide animation and motion graphic elements to your advert.
  • Compose music specifically for your film or source music soundtracks to suit your particular advert.